Anouar brahem - khomsa - Anouar Brahem - Khomsa

KHOMSA was Tunisian oud virtuoso Anouar Brahem 's fourth outing on ECM. But unlike previous efforts where Brahem was the most prominent member …

The Allmusic review by Michael G. Nastos awarded the album 3 stars calling it "a beautiful contemporary statement reflecting the cinematic forms Brahem loves, mixed with European classical and improvisational sensibilities, professionally rendered, and well within the tradition of world jazz and the clean ECM concept" [2]

The Allmusic review by Raymond McKinney awarded the album 4 stars stating it "superbly fuses the traditions of jazz with those of Arab classical music, pushing the parameters of both while succumbing to the clichés of neither". [2]

Anouar Brahem - KhomsaAnouar Brahem - KhomsaAnouar Brahem - KhomsaAnouar Brahem - Khomsa